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KSA combines industry expertise, analytical rigor and an implementation focus to help clients create tangible and meaningful results. Our clients are industry leaders and include the world’s top global retailers and consumer products companies and, in North America, the nation’s premier hospitals and provider-based health care organizations


everis is a multinational consulting firm that offers its clients comprehensive business solutions covering all aspects of the value chain, from business strategy through to systems implementation. We are active in the sectors of Banking, Healthcare, Industry, Insurance, Media, Public Sector, Telecom and Utilities



Valtech-Axelboss is a global provider of enterprise software development consulting, outsourcing and organizational transformation services. Specializing in Lean and Agile software methodologies

The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) is a Spanish public organization, under the Ministry of Science and Innovation, whose objective is to help Spanish companies to increase the technological profile of said companies

To evaluate and finance technological development, innovation and modernization projects developed by Spanish companies: CDTI grants financial help of its own to companies and facilitates access to that of third parties (bank financing from the Line for the Financing of Technological Innovation) for the execution of both national and international research and development projects



+value works together with grocery companies and helps them to improve the costs of their operations and their commercial propositions, and to decide where to invest or disinvest. Works with companies to improve the return on investments and the value of the company.



We built Steelmood as a different company that addresses the challenges and difficulties nowadays. Our visi­on of the market and our industry made up start with a different positioning that will lead on an improved and different collaboration with our customers.

Steelmood responds to our potential customer's search for new solutions. If we had to choose two words to summarize this concept, those would be Efficiency and Effectiveness



RBS Retail Business Solutions specialize in the integration of RFID technology to optimize their resources in order to maximize the shopping experience for their customers at the point of sale. We provide the tools to manage the relevant information for your business. RBS analyses customer needs, providing viable alternatives and implement the most appropriate solutions. RBS are Retailers like you. From a simple retail idea to prepare its expansion plan, we can help you to develop your business in a structured and effective way both on time and budget to suit your needs. We focus on giving added value to our customers.



At Tecnocom, we create solutions for our clients and make them a reality. We are able to meet all the current needs demanded in the market thanks to the experience and ability that underlies our large team of professionals. Tecnocom is a Spanish multinational company and has been listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange for the last 25 years. Our vision is to be a leading company in the ICT sector in Spain, Portugal and Latin America


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