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Your Partner in Loss Prevention and OOS… because we do care
Bussiness Process OutsourcingIn today’s stressed economic environment, businesses are seeking to reduce costs and enhance revenue. Retail leaders continually search for new opportunities to outpace market rivals. They look beyond immediate and sustained cost savings to solutions to fuel additional cash flow and drive sales growth. Business process outsourcing (BPO) of Loss Prevention and On-Shelf-Availability enhancement provides such an opportunity (Read more)

Transformation, integration, innovation and profitability are the key success factors to fulfill when a BPO is considered. Newfield offers unique capabilities to strategically transform business processes, support integration of BPO and IT infrastructure, enable innovation to newly designed processes and trigger sustainable profitability improvements. From a different perspective, BPO is an untapped opportunity to get physical and strive for immediate results

Newfield TechPartnering with Newfield provides access to an uneven repository of industry and technology capabilities that make it happen, because we do care. Actually, inevitable losses and stock gaps are converted into truly competitive advantage 

Located throughout Europe, Newfield helps you add value while using resources more effectively, delivering an optimum solution that will help you reduce costs and enable your company to focus on growth, innovation and sustainable competitive advantage. A flexible, scalable approach to local/ European delivery that combines deterrence, efficiency, talent and innovation (Read more)

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