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  • Loss PreventionLoss Prevention is a key component of profitability of leading European retailers (Read more). It may represent up to a 3% of sales, depending upon business segments and formats operated. Reductions regularly achieved in our programs may produce above 60 basis points of improvement in EBITDA (Read more)
  • Losses are generated along the entire Supply Chain: Comprehensive solutions are required to contain and reduce them (Read more)
  • We have found that inhibitors for reshaping the panorama are mainly cultural (Read more)
  • Internally managed Loss Prevention programs often fail to materialize the real opportunity (Read more)
  • We add value to our customers in all dimensions of Loss Prevention, under an Integrated Change Management approach (Read more)
  • A major mobilization effort on the key drivers of loss is required to materialize the untapped opportunity (Read more)
  • The outstanding results obtained in all of our assignments qualify Newfield as the consultant of choice in Loss Prevention (References)

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